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Address: Fasthosts Ltd
  Discovery House, 154 Southgate Street
  GL1 2EX
Tel: 0870 888 3600
Web: www.fasthosts.co.uk
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Will never refund you no mattter what!    
Speed: 1Features: 1Uptime: 1
 Support: 1Price: 1
I have now been with Fasthosts for over 12 months and only took it up because it seemed an easy option for getting a small personal site up and running.

I was involved in the big security breach in which they changed all your passwords on you.

Then when you try to close your account, for obvious reasons, they give you different answers about how to do that. Finally they had the audacity to ask me for a password that I didn't have (which THEY changed)!

They WILL NEVER refund, even if they are at fault - EVER. Even as you begin to mouth the words ref..they come out with the standard terms and conditions response.

I am a very reasonable person, but the way Fasthosts conduct their business is unreasonable and my hope is time will show that.

I ended up contacting my bank and insisting on a chargeback on my account as in my opinion I have not authorised these charges and have been trying to cancel my account since April.

Todd - 12/09/2008
Not impressed    
Speed: 2Features: 2Uptime: 3
 Support: 1Price: 4
Not having dealt with the hosting of web sites before, I was quite pleased with Fasthosts when I signed up a year ago. It has however been downhill since then, starting with the changing of all passwords a couple of months ago, which meant that all of my sites (which need to be updated daily) were displaying incorrect info causing major headaches. Now, I've made the mistake of entering an incorrect account number and they slap me with a 20 + vat bill after the arrears were cleared. Not impressed.
Layde - 08/09/2008