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Address: Streamline.net
  Castle Square
  DE73 8DY
Tel: 0870 922 0699
Web: www.streamline.net
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Technical support teams are arrogant, unprofessional, technically inept    
Speed: 1Features: 1Uptime: 1
 Support: 1Price: 2
Unfortunately what started as a good experience now has turned into a nightmare.

Pricewise their service is very cheap, but their customer support is deplorable and almost non-existence. Their technical support teams are arrogant, unprofessional, technically inept and need to be lead and coaxed at all times.

It seems they use a template to deal with their customer’s queries, i.e. “cut and paste”. As I have received three messages exactly the same format “This issue has now been escalated to a senior engineer. We hope to have the issue resolved within 24 to 48 hours.”

And till now so many 24 and 48 hours have gone by and no result. AVOID at any cost!
Cais - 27/09/2008