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Address: 1&1 Internet Ltd
  Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road
  SL1 3SA
Tel: 0871 641 21 21
Web: www.1and1.co.uk
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Customer loyalty is not important to them    
Speed: 3Features: 3Uptime: 1
 Support: 1Price: 2
1&1 customer service is the poorest customer services I have ever had the unfortunate to come into contact with. Any change request takes months, they ignore faxes and emails. The different departments don't talk to each other. I looking to move away asap.
Lambert - 29/09/2008
Problem-free but most features cost a lot extra    
Speed: 4Features: 2Uptime: 4
 Support: 4Price: 3
I've been with 1&1 for approximately 4 years and am hosting a pretty basic site with mail hosting for my business and have never had any problems. Customer service has been rarely used but on those few occasions they have been quick to respond.

I am only considering changing because they charge a lot for the PHP/MySQL features I want to start using, but I'm nervous to move away because I have had such a trouble-free last few years.
Don - 28/09/2008
Downtime King    
Speed: 1Features: 3Uptime: 1
 Support: 1Price: 3
The Downtime King. My business package goes down pretty much every other week. I already have these guy's phone number on speed dial because I have to call so often regarding down time. Absolutely horrible customer service and its unacceptable.
Tanaka - 27/09/2008
1&1 Domains    
Speed: 2Features: 2Uptime: 1
 Support: 1Price: 3
Awful, awful, awful service. Avoid these people like the plaque. I have customers who have registered domain names with 1&1 and releasing them to (better) other suppliers is a nightmare. The helpline is in some far off country and the operators are difficult to understand especially when you require technical assistance.
Peter - 25/09/2008