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Address: Streamline.net
  Castle Square
  DE73 8DY
Tel: 0870 922 0699
Web: www.streamline.net
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only for small notn databse driven sites    
Speed: 2Features: 2Uptime: 2
 Support: 3Price: 3
I'm going to keep this really brief. I am writing this review because I have just bought new hosting from another company, Rochen. I hated Streamline, they are better than some but not at all great. My site was offline quite a lot, very slow page loads, terrible email (many times no connection could be made to email) and overloaded database servers.

Only use this site if you are a web novice looking to set up a small non database driven static website. I would not recommend them, even their own website was poorly coded, lots off layout errors across different browsers.

As I said, a really brief review, I'm not going to justify my opinion just let it be known I would not recommend them
tom - 30/09/2009