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Address: Fasthosts Ltd
  Discovery House, 154 Southgate Street
  GL1 2EX
Tel: 0870 888 3600
Web: www.fasthosts.co.uk
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Most popular advertised but the worst I have used    
Speed: 2Features: 3Uptime: 2
 Support: 1Price: 2
As with my current supplier I was very disppointed with the amount of time my server was down now.

On ringing up the customer service line I found it hard to understand the guy and didn't really get an answer to my query or any apologies.

I did move away from them after 2 years but haven't gone anywhere better in my eyes will do some more reseach when it comes to my renewal date.

My advice stay clear of fasthosts if your site is important to your business!!!
Simon K - 18/05/2009
Fasthosts should be called Slowhosts    
Speed: 3Features: 4Uptime: 1
 Support: 1Price: 2
I have now hosted my site with Fasthosts for just under a year and I will not be renewing.

They are so slow at doing anything for you and the customer support is awful. The staff have no manners and your problems are not regarded as important even if your site is down. Stay clear. Fasthosts appear to rule the web hosting world but they are far from the best! I have had so much down time with them that I have given up contacting them just knowing that they will simply say that my site will eventually be back up.

I am in the process of looking for a new hosting company and will have in mind that cheap is not always best. Plus will make sure I get advice and read reviews before I commit myself again.
Robert R - 30/09/2008