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Address: 1&1 Internet Ltd
  Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road
  SL1 3SA
Tel: 0871 641 21 21
Web: www.1and1.co.uk
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No Customer Loyalty    
Speed: 3Features: 2Uptime: 4
 Support: 2Price: 2
1&1 now advertise Web design software FREE for their NEW customers - loyal long standing customers have to get a new account and transfer everything over then close the old account if they want the Free Software .. Crazy! Think I'll be going elsewhere for web hosting services
John Irwin - 02/11/2010
Poor Tech support    
Speed: 4Features: 3Uptime: 3
 Support: 2Price: 4
Another hosting company who has crap technical support.

I had been with them for nearly 2 years and had started to experience poor uptime and many emails being blocked. On speaking to their team I was appauled to be told it was because I was sending spam, what an insult!!! My business doesn't tolarate spam and hate the people who do send it as it wastes our time and that of our customers. Their staff were just rude and didn't know what to say, they were useless.

I am just glad it all happened before my renewal date as it gave me the option to shop around and find a new provider.

Guest1978 - 26/01/2009